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Our goal is to create your dream project

Modern objects under construction can not be constructed without the use of special design and estimate documentation representing a complete set of engineering work performed, building materials used, and their cost. The lack of at least part of such documents will result in serious consequences – numerous errors during work, reduced construction quality and defects, partial or complete destruction of the building structure. For this reason, the majority of professional construction workers come to us at the stage of project design. Cooperation with our company provides with an early opportunity to detect drawbacks of the future structure, save construction materials and significant funds while erecting a structure without damage being caused to it.

Why GenEngineeringProject?

Our company has been operating on the territory of the Republic of Belarus for more than five years and working successfully with numerous commercial entities, state-owned enterprises and individuals. Over this period, our company has proved itself as a reliable and business partner in civil and industrial design and construction assessment. In addition, we are ready to perform an designer supervision over the project implementation. The designer supervision of projects implemented by our company includes both the preparation of all the necessary design and estimate documentation, sketches and working drawings, as well as strict control over any construction and repair and finishing work. Besides, the designer supervision implies monitoring the quality of construction, finishing and selection of construction materials provided for in the project. Our company can not only implement industrial design at sites. Customers are welcome to contact us on how to legalize re-design and reconstruction at the facilities. Our planning office will make necessary calculations when designing production and re-constructing facilities for these purposes. Also, our specialists will take care of the communication systems of the building through making heating and ventilation design, as well as elaborating water supply of the building.

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